Last Update: Dec 1st, 2021
Sushi garage 2021

Sushi Garage

500 E Las Olas
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 727-3533
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Hours: Tue-Sun 11:45p-10p, Open Til 11 Fri-Sat. Closed Mon
Parking: Street Metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: Unknown
Outside Dining: Yes
Happy Hour: 1/2 Price Drinks, $5 Food Menu


Big comfortable restaurant


Lousy Lunch Menu
Boxes are mostly Filler

Critic's Review

This place started serving lunch, so on a crisp December day I wandered over for lunch.

They have a large outside space, but it was a bit windy and too chilly by Fort Lauderdale standards to dine outside.

Sushi garage outside

Inside there's a hostess stand, but no hostess. Just one server/hostess in the place to service the 3 customers.

Sushi garage bar

She tried to seat me in front of an open door, which kind of defeated the purpose of eating inside. Instead, she gave me a seat just behind the door. In an empty restaurant, I couldn't sit where I wanted, because only certain tables were assigned.

Sushi garage wide

I ordered an iced tea and pondered the menu. It's really a terrible lunch menu; bento boxes are the only viable choice; there's really nothing else unless you just want an $11 roll. I ordered the Sashimi bento box.

The concept here is solidified with a wing nut holder for the chopsticks. Very edgy.

Sushi garage tea

I didn't realize the box came with soup; choice of Miso or Miso.

Sushi garage miso soup

Tasted like complete crap, like every Miso soup does. Japanese food is so innovative; there's only 1 soup and 1 dressing in their entire cuisine. Miso soup and ginger dressing. Or is it just that the people who run these fake Japanese sushi joints don't care? No Japanese people were spotted during my visit.

The box came out just as I finished my second and last sip of the soup.

Sushi garage bento box

I pushed the bowl of vile liquid to the edge of the table but my server didn't get the hint. She never took the soup away.

Sushi garage bad miso soup

These boxes are just a waste of money; so little edible food. We start out with the salad; with ginger dressing of course (I'd ask if there was an alternative, but there wasn't).

Sushi garage salad

The dressing wasn't bad as ginger dressings go; but eating weeds with chopsticks can be challenging. No way to cut the leaves and no fork was offered.

Sushi garage sashimi

The main event, 7 skinny slices of "chef's choice" sashimi. I'd guess 3 oz of fish. Decent quality but some nice red tuna would have been nice in a $17 box.

The california roll was constructed by chimps; it took a steady hand to keep it together.

Sushi garage bad california roll

The sushi rice didn't really taste like sushi rice.

Also included is a blob of white rice.

Sushi garage rice

The rice was completely worthless. Just unseasoned clumpy rice; you know, the stuff that comes in a box when you order chow mein from a Chinese restaurant. This is just filler; how about some fried rice or something with some taste? Sprinking some herbs over cold steamed rice is just insulting.

Sushi garage shot

The "desert shot" was some sort of juice with frothed coconut milk or something; I had zero interest in even trying it.

This is what I didn't eat from the box:

Sushi garage done


I've had some decent meals in other cities in the past few months; I'd almost forgotten what a culinary wasteland Fort Lauderdale is. This was a very unsatisfying meal; bento boxes that are 3/5 filler don't provide a value worth recommending.

The place that was here before, Etaru, was much better than this. They had food choices for lunch. Bento boxes just seem like something sushi restaurants offer so they don't have to give you much sushi.

Adding insult to injury, their tableside checkout has tip choices that start at 20%. So you have to hit "other value" and type in what you want to leave while the server is standing there watching. Totally ridiculous.

Another bad $21 lunch in Fort Lauderdale.

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I really miss your weekly reviews. So much fun to read.
This place is a ripoff. And the name makes no sense.
Sushi was the original food for stupid people. Restaurants said "Lets take a piece of raw fish and slice it and charge twice as much as cooking it with a sauce". They they made it cool to like sushi. The Stupid People could say "Do you like Sushi?", and "Look at me, I know about food. I like sushi". People are malleable tools.
Lobster Bar, DelFriscos, Salt 7, that terrible Italy place and now this, which is the same as Etaru. How could this block be worse?
Spatch could Open in Timpano
A dumpling is about 15 cents worth of food. Who is paying $15 for 4 dumplings? When did people get this stupud?
Millenials have no sense of value. Restaurants have figured out that they only care about the price of a meal. This is why salads, mac and cheese, burgers are all about $15. Bowl of porridge? $15. Raman Noodles? $15$ $1 bowl of spaghetti? $15. They don't cook or shop for food, so they have no idea what a meal is worth. And they're dumb enough to pay the same price in some armpit neighborhood (ie Sistrunk) as Las Olas. First generation that were dumber than their parents in 1000 years.

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