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Mr Q Crabhouse

Mr Q Crab House

5975 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
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Hours: 11-10pm, Open Til 10:30 on Fri, Sat
Parking: Private Lot

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I'm not really interested in "dining in" during the pandemic; it's just a bad experience and I'm not going to be the Mask Police like the bozos on Yelp. But when gumbo comes to town, I want to give it a try.

My first thought was to order online, but there's really no option. Prices on Grubhub were 20% higher for pickup; I could have called but I decided to just wait.

When I got inside I was surprised by the setup; it looks more like a regular restaurant than a crab shack, which is what I expected.

Mr Q Crab House Interior

As it turns out, they're not really set up for takeout. There's no "counter" where you can order. I had to order from the waitress, who confided in me that it was her first day. Oh boy.

They have lunch specials until 3p, but not too many of them and some of them didn't have good descriptions. I went with the red beans and rice (I could use a high fiber meal); which comes with gumbo and a caesar salad for $10.99.

It took 7 minutes for the food to come out.

Mr Q Takeout Bag

The server brought me a check like I'd been eating in; apparently they do all of the CC processing through the mobile tablet. Sounds like a good idea, but it's not. It was a bit awkward cashing out; usually you pay for take out before you get the food. I never tip for take out, but in this case I did. My order number was 16 at 2:45; I really felt bad for her.

It's a long trek across town and I made a few stops, so it was an hour and 20 minutes before I unpacked this. I know this because my phone pics have timestamps.

Mr Q Red Beans Lunch Special w/Gumbo and Caesar Salad

I expected to have to reheat it; no fault of theirs. But my initial impression was one of disappointment. The main entree was obvious trash, and the gumbo didn't look like gumbo. It was too loose; like chicken soup. 2 tiny shrimp and some tiny slices of bad sausage. The beans looked more like a bad side dish than the main event.

Mr Q

To be fair, the soup wasn't bad. It was sort of a decent tasting broth with some stuff in it. Broth is good for you.

The salad was ridiculous; such a small salad in it's own container which was half unwanted croutons. I wondered how they served this in the restaurant.

Mr Q

I tasted the beans and they had none of the flavors this dish should have. I couldn't eat this as-is. I'd have to do some cooking.

Mr Q Red Beans

I happened to have celery, onions, green pepper, garlic and green onions so I had everything needed to fix the beans. Chop it all up (including the sausage) and saute in oil with a splash of Tony Chachere's; then mix up with the beans and let the flavors meld while the beans heat up.

Some green onions and you have this masterpiece.

"Enhanced" Red beans with proper Ingredients

This was surprisingly good. It's very easy to make properly; why can't the "chefs" at restaurants figure it out?


I'm not quite sure what the idea is here; to me a crab house has mallets and bibs. I'm not a big fan of crab; but my hopes that they'd serve some decent cajun food have been completely extinguished. This place is more like the short lived VooDoo BBQ; it's not a New Orleans restaurant nor is it a crab house. The cartoon logo makes me think of fast food; which is basically what this is.

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Soba Asian Noodles will open in this cursed location.
What's with not tipping your server for take-out?
I wouldn't tip someone at McDonald's to hand me a bag, why would I tip anyone else?
Okay then, if you're sure this person is making a living wage, I guess you have a point. If you are not, then you don't have a point. I believe this waitress is making $2.13 per hour and it's your moral obligation to tip her
You're incredibly ignorant about how much servers make. No server at a functioning restaurant is making less than $15/hour. Bartenders are making 10x what they're worth with any kind of steady business. And it's a job anyone can do with a small amount of training.
It's 5.54/hr, so a waitress who brings out 2 sandwiches an hour is making $10/hr. What's a "living wage" for a 19yo living with their parents? "Living Wage" is something indoctrinated stupid people say. Most servers make a lot more than they're worth. Tipping was a good idea in Diners for a $3 breakfast. Tipping for $200 dinners pays someone worth $15/hour $30 to make 4 trips to your table.

You really are one of the dumbest people I've ever encountered. I have an obligation to fill in the pay gap for everyone you think should make more money? Dumbest thing I've heard in a month.
What's Wong
What's with all the Asian crab houses suddenly opening all over South Florida?

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