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Kraft Deli and Bistro Fort Lauderdale

Kraft Bistro Deli

2701 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33306
(954) 807-8314
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Lot with metered and free parking
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outside Dining: Yes

Critic's Review

Time to get back in the saddle; now that mask-free dining is back upon us. This place changes ownership regularly and I've been here numerous times since it was Frankie and Johnny's.

This place is trying to sell themselves as a Deli that morphs into a fancy "Bistro" at night; personally I'm a believer in trying to do 1 thing well rather than trying to be multiple things. It's hard for me to fathom that the same guy slicing the pastrami is making the brandy demi-glace.

There's no hostess here, so I stood in the doorway for a minute looking for some guidance. The bartender pointed at a table near the bar; no doubt trying to drum up some business for himself. The dining room here as always been bad ever since they expanded, and it's no better now; bad bench seating and tables in the middle of the room. At least they got rid of the sliding room dividers.

Kraft Deli Dining Room

The bar is about the same as it was in the original Frankie and Johnny's; where eating at the bar was the only real option if you were dining alone.

Kraft Deli and Bistro Bar

The bartender brought over a menu and took my iced tea order; I ordered the Soup and 1/2 Deli Sandwich, opting for the Soup of the Day, Clam Chowder, and a 1/2 pastrami sandwich.

The table is very un-Deli like; where you'd find Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles and Cole Slaw.

Kraft Deli and Bistro Table Setup

A cup of soup came out quickly; It was very hot so I had to let it cool off a bit. Frankly I was expecting a bowl. My personal feeling is that soup should be served at an edible temperature, but I can't complain too rigorously about hot soup.

Kraft Deli Soup of the Day

The soup was outstanding; perfect New England Clam Chowder is rare. Loaded with tender clams and just the right consistency; not too gloopy or too thin; I did add a shake of salt but overall I was quite happy with the soup.

Kraft Deli Clam Chowder

Bad house music fills the air. I'm really not sure what they're thinking, considering delis generally attract entirely middle aged clientele.

The sandwich came out a couple of minutes later; it was served without mustard or offer of any condiments at all. Obviously the pickle service gets very low marks.

Kraft Deli 1/2 Pastrami Sandwich

It took me several minutes to get someone's attention to get some deli mustard; he disappeared into the kitchen for quite a while and I wondered what was taking so long. Finally he came out with a thimble of the stuff.

Kraft Deli Mustard

No Gulden's or squeeze bottles here.

The pastrami was garbage; fatty and "grilled", which is a good way to ruin pastrami. This is something I'd expect to get at a place like The Salad Bowl; not at a competent Deli. (Salad Bowl was Better than this). Compare this to the pastrami at a real Deli like Ben's in Boca, which wasn't even that good. Also notice the size of the soup I got at Ben's with their Soup and Sandwich offering.

Kraft Deli Pastrami

A couple of bites were pretty good but mostly I was chewing something that didn't qualify as quality pastrami.

The cole slaw was pretty good; with a mild dressing that had just enough vinegar and just needed a bit of salt and pepper.

The owner doted over a table of 5 next to me but didn't even acknowledge my existence.

Kraft Deli Leftovers

When I don't eat the pickle that tells you something; these half-baked pickles just aren't any good.


Imagine a Jewish deli with no mustard on the table, no Dill Pickles and serving pastrami without even offering mustard. If you're looking for a NY Deli experience; this certainly isn't it. The food is OK, but I don't see a justification for the real deli sandwich prices. It just doesn't measure up to the kind of Deli a northerner is going to find acceptable.

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Goldberg's Deli and Bagel coming soon.
First off I all my 65 years I never saw a table for 1. You either sit at a table for 2 or the bar. This reviewer says there you can only sit at the bar. Then he says he ordered a " cup of soup, and a sandwich" then expected a bowl. When you order a CUP of soup, that's what you get!!!. If you call your a professional reviewer, then know the law...... you are not allowed to put on tables the likes of Cole slaw, pickels or anything like that per the department of health since 2011. So if you take out the items you were wrong on this review you'd probably give them 4 to 5 stars.
He said he ordered the Soup and 1/2 Deli Sandwich; the menu doesnt specify cup or bowl, and he expected a bowl. Why are you making things up? It's quite clear to me.
I think "John" is suffering from dementia, because this is the dumbest pile of gibberish ever assembled. Maybe he doesn't understand English? Can't really explain such stupidity.
Why is it that all of the Yelpers love this place, and then I read this and you had the exact same experience I had? What is wrong with those people?
the "Yelpers" - doesn't that pretty much explain to you what's wrong with them?
Frankly in the beginning I thought it was just inexperience, but some of the so-called "Elites" have done 500 or more reviews and they still have absolutely no idea what good food is or how to properly convey their experience. One guy who I won't name still orders Filet Mignon, which is something that no-one who knows anything about food orders. It's the least interesting and most overpriced cut of meat you can order.
This is correct. Morton's always offers a Filet on their holiday and fixed price menus because they can cut it small and give you a cheap grade without anyone noticing.

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