Last Update: Aug 6th, 2021
Twin Peaks Cypress Creek

Twin Peaks

6401 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33309
954 741-3330
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Hours: 11am - 1am
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: None
Outside Dining: No


Better Layout than Previous Venues at this Location
Lots of TVs


Weak Lunch Menu
Mediocre Female Talent

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The wings aren't worth the Price

Critic's Review

Finally a sunny day; I hadn't watched 1 minute of olympics coverage so I figured I could watch some while checking out the new Twin Peaks location. I've been to the Davie Location a few times, but my last visit was 6 years ago.

The hostess stand is on the porch, which is kind of weird; must be fun on a windy rainy day. No matter for me, I was sitting at the bar.

They've completely remodeled this place for the better; both Champps and "Walk-Ons" were multilevel debacles with TVs located in bad places which is problematic in a sport bar.

Twin Peaks Cypress Creek Entrance

There's a big dining room with good distancing; I suspect they'll be adding more tables when this Covid nonsense is over.

Twin Peaks Cypress Dining Room

The place is laid out the same as Davie, with 2 levels of TVs over the bar.

Twin Peaks Cypress Bar

Astonishingly, not 1 TV was showing olympics coverage. It wasn't that long ago that people would pack into sports bars to watch multiple events at once; now nobody even asks them to put it on.

I got a seat center bar where I could check out the servers.

Twin Peaks Cypress Creek Bar

They run a credit card to "run a tab", even when you're at a half empty bar.

They have the dopey QR menus so nobody offers you a menu when you sit down; after a few minutes I obtained a printed menu; old school.

Twin Peaks Menu

I was planning on getting wings; they have some really nice looking wings in their advertisements; but $11.49 for 6 isn't a compelling price. Charging $2 more to "smoke and grill" 6 wings is absurd. Luckily the guy next to me ordered wings and I saw they were the same crap I got years ago when I tried them; beware of staged photos.

Twin Peaks Cypress Creek Bar

Their lunch specials blow; Soup and Sandwich or Soup and Salad. No reasonably priced entrees; although arguably the entire menu is a lunch menu. They've replaced the lousy venison chili with brisket chili; I ordered that with a 1/2 Cubano sandwich. which is also new.

Music here is a plus, with Billy Idol and "Dark Necessities" detected. The food came out in 7 minutes.

Twin Peak Soup and Sandwich Lunch

I didn't anticipate the fries. The fries needed salt, so I asked for a shaker. Surprisingly, she disappeared into the back for a couple of minutes and returned with this.

No Salt Shakers at Twin Peaks

Take out salt. So they have no salt in the restaurant? No ketchup or mustard bottles either. In a sports bar. Hard to believe.

The chili could also have used some salt, but I didn't add any.

Twin Peaks Brisket Chili

It was better than the other chili I'd had here before. A little bit of heat. Maybe a bit mushy; not much chew to it at all, but a decent source of protein.

Twin Peaks Brisket Chili

The sandwich was another matter. Obviously the ham was sliced way too thin; maybe the boiled stuff?

Twin Peaks Half Cuban Sandwich

I opened the sandwich to find the problem. I couldn't tell if the brown stuff was the "chipotle mayo" or the "beer mustard", which is bad on it's own. I didn't taste anything resembling mustard, which is a key ingredient to make a Cubano work.

Twin Peaks Cuban Sandwich

On its own, the pork wasn't bad. And the bread was nice and soft.

Twin Peaks Cuban Sandwich

This sandwich is an example of an overzealous "chef"; this sandwich would have been very good with a slather of Guldens or yellow mustard and without the mayo; of course there was no mustard for me to add to the sandwich and I doubt they had anything suitable.

They have the table side tablets for checkout, which is annoying at the bar. You've run my card, now I have to tap on a screen? One good thing was that you can enter the tip; they don't have the presets. No receipt; was I supposed to wait for a receipt? No receipt was offered, which is a bad thing. Don't assume I know how it works; explain it.


It would be good if sports bars would just make good sports bar food rather than pretending that they're real restaurants; nobody is coming here for the food. They advertise a "scratch kitchen", which is only good if you have a good chef; and there aren't enough good chefs in Fort Lauderdale who want to work in sports bars to pull such a thing off.

Most importantly, the girls here are highly mediocre; not 1 girl at the bar or on the floor sparked my fantasy gene; and that's after being locked up for 16 months.

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Best thing about this site is you never mention server names. I hate reading reviews where people are pumping up their friends or other food industry brethren. "The service from Ashly was outstanding". It's so transparently contrived.
Hooters fan
The quality of girls at Twins Peaks is a step down from Hooters but not as bad as Tilted Kilt.
Not good enough to make me come back if I lived a block away

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