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Jul 31st, 2014


1541 Cordova Rd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316
(954) 524-6163
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Review 8/29/14

Quarterdeck is the ugly nephew of Flanigan's; they're kind of similar but the general consensus seems to be that the food is better at Flanigan's. I hadn't been to this location in a long time; I just stopped in to watch a Giants game once and I didn't care for the bar area. My plan was to use a free Appetizer coupon at Carrabba's, but they don't serve their full menu at lunch, so I ended up here.

They've remodeled a bit with some nicer landscaping, and there's a lot of old-style outdoor seating.

It was too hot to eat outside, so I got a boot inside. They have a lot of TVs and stuff up on the walls. This is the way they did things before the big money restauranteurs started hiring designers.

They have some cool ships; the kind of things you thought were cool when you were a kid anyway. Unless you're still a kid.

Soft drinks come in a monster tourist plastic cup. I'm not sure if you can take it or not but I didn't.

There are a bunch of specials on a board when you walk in; they don't mention the Daily Specials that they have on their web site. They also don't have the daily specials on the menu or in an insert. When my server came over, I primed her to see if she'd tell me about them. "Any Daily Specials"? "Oh yeah", she said, as she then read the specials on the board. Nothing close to a $5.99 cheeseburger. "Don't you have a Cheeseburger for lunch on Tuesdays", I asked. "Oh yeah, do you want that?". "Yes I do".

The same thing happened when I got the ribs at the Las Olas Location; apparently it's a policy to not tell customers about the daily specials.

They play pretty good music; some beatles, Stevie Wonder. 60s and 70s stuff. The burger came out in about 15 minutes.

Not a bad looking burger. A Kaiser bun, a nice ripe tomato and plenty of cheese. It was cooked closer to medium than medium rare, but nothing worth sending it back for.

The cole slaw was edible. I enjoyed the burger. It was sturdier than burgers with the kind of buns that fall apart, and a ripe tomoato is rare these days.

When I asked for the check I was surprised that they charged me $6.99 for the burger. Shown below is a shot from their website.

I didn't complain, but just be aware that since they don't have these items on the menu, they're obligated to give it to you for the price on the website. It's probably not the server's fault, so I didn't take it out of the tip. She's probably under orders from management not to tell customers about specials.

If you're going to run a coupon or have a special, be prepared to honor it. And don't advertise $5.99 and charge $6.99 for it. You had to update your POS systems for your entire chain when you raised the price; update the web site also.

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Quarterdeck is not part of Flanigan's

it's a chain of businesses owned by Joe Flanigan's nephew Paul.

I would recommend going to a "real" Flanigan's and not bother with Quarterdeck.

I hate ad prices not being honored!
That's what I meant by "ugly nephew".

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