Last Update: Sep 16th, 2021
Cucina front

Cucina Italiana Dania Beach

17 S Pointe Dr
Dania Beach FL, 33004
(754) 432-3238
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-10p, Fri-Sat 11am-11p
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Outside Dining: Yes


Nice Restaurant
Full Pizzeria / Italian Menu


Stiff Bread for Subs

Critic's Review

I was in the mood for a meatball sub, and I'd noticed this place when I went to Firebird's a couple of weeks ago. God knows there aren't any good pizzerias in Fort Lauderdale.

I could have ordered online, but I didn't want it sitting around for 20 minutes; how long does it take to melt some cheese, right?

There's parking in the rear.

Cucina rear

They have a lot of booths; nicer than your standard pizzeria..

Cucina fromrear

There's a little counter where you can order; I ordered a 6" meatball parm sub and a 6" veal parm sub. I'd have the veal parm sub for dinner. I took a seat and my wait began.

The place is run by a bunch of middle aged dudes; it's owned by the same owners at City Pizza in WBP.

A nice little restaurant.

Cucina inside

There's a wine bar up front. I was getting tired of waiting. Tick tock. 10 minutes, 15 minutes. No food. Finally a bag comes out 18 minutes later.

Cucina bar

I headed straight home so it was still warm when I opened it.

Cucina takeout

The meatball sub didn't look bad at first glance, but the presentation was deceiving.

Cucina meatball

A side view showed the deficiency. A pretty unstuffed sub.

Cucina meatball side

Not even 2 big meatballs on this. Not enough sauce. Certainly not worth $7.99.

Cucina meatball open

The bread was also a bit stiff; I prefer a softer bun. It was a decent tasting sandwich but really not better than something I could get at Firehouse Subs for almost half the price.

I didn't like the bread so I didn't eat the veal as a sub; rather than reheat the sub, I pulled out the veal and made a veal parm dish out of it with some pasta.

Cucina vealsub

It was pretty good veal; veal is more expensive than ground beef and bread crumbs, but still $10.99 for a 6" sub is more than I'd pay again.


I heard that Covid killed the Fireside Deli in Huntington; a 30 year deli where I used to get a 12" veal parm sub for $5.99 on special in the 90s. There are no places like that around here; where getting a decent meatball sub is a challenge.

I'd categorize this place an a "ok" pizzeria that's overpriced, which is a tough sell in this dead, out of the way shopping debacle. There are way more restaurants than people in this center, and I can't see people going out of their way to get something here. Paying a higher price for something memorable is ok sometimes, but there's really nothing out of the ordinary happening in this place. And it takes them way to long to make a lunch sub; this place is a no-go for walk-in take out.

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