May 16th, 2018
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Jun 9th, 2015


229 S Ft Laudrdle Bch Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316
(954) 463-0220
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Dress Code: Casual / Beachwear
Parking: Metered Lots
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outdoor: Yes


On the Beach
Girls in Bikinis


Skanks in Bikinis
Smoker's Bar
Small TVs
Leftover Ambiance
Low-Class Clientele

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Critic's Review

They've rebranded this place back to Blondie's, and apparently Lime Green is the new color of choice. They didn't bother filing for a Fictitious Name or telling the DBPR, so they'll need to do that at some point because you can't just change the name of a business without telling anyone.

What's interesting is that they're also now serving a full menu, which means that they can't allow smoking. At least not legally.

Review 11/30/14

If you're at the beach on a Sunday, the only place to watch out of market NFL games is at Dirty Blondes. This place used to be called Blondies; they were going to build a condo or something, so they closed down. The condo fell through, and for some reason they named it something different. Unfortunately, it was really the same.

On Sundays, they used to have a big industry crowd, but apparently they've moved on. I went to the back bar and there was nobody there; just a bartender smoking. They move from behind the bar to smoke, and then go back behind the bar to make drinks. Without washing their hands. I saw 2 bartenders doing the same thing, so I assume it's company policy.

They only have like 3 TVs at the back bar, and the Giants game wasn't on so I just ordered a beer and had to move back to the front bar.

In between the 2 bars, there are games. Nobody was playing any games.

They have pool tables in the back room, and also a couple near the front bar.

The front bar is very long and has old, small TVs all along the walls. From the other side of the bar you can barely watch your game.

They allow smoking here, and just about everyone here smokes, including the bartenders, as I mentioned. They have a "menu", but there's no kitchen in the place. They get the food from Rock Bar a few doors down. The same people own all of the bars and restaurants along this strip so you can expect the same bad food and policies no matter where you go.

There were 3 bartenders on duty, but one of them was doing all of the work. There always seemed to be one of them off smoking or something. I ordered another beer and she forgot or something, so I had to ask again.

Note that the bouncers here have been known to rough people up, so it's best to not tick them off. Be aware that the Police that may be stationed outside are paid for by the bar, so don't expect them to protect you from the bouncers. It's an odd thing unique to Fort Lauderdale. Usually you think when you see police you're safe from being cold-cocked, but not here.


I've avoided going to Blondies (or Dirty Blondes) for years, and now I will again. Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you never go somewhere. It didn't take me long to remember.

Review 10/3/09

Blondies on the beach is back after a short hiatus. Its received a bit of a facelift, with some new flat screen TVs spread throughout the large space. The crowd, however, is about the same.

Blondies is a pool hall slash sports bar with a crusty crowd of tattooed dudes and the kind of girls who like tattooed dudes that have slightly evolved from the elbo room. Smoking is allowed here, and on weekends the place is just a mess.

There are games throughout the place; pool tables in the back, with darts, shuffleboard tables and air hockey as well. Want to see how hard you can punch a punching bag? This is the place. The front of the bar is beyond understanding, but its whats left of the old blondies. A looooong bar with old tube TVs that you can barely see lining the far wall, with impossible to get service when its crowded. There's barely enough room to walk by. Out front, plastic resin chairs with groups of beachbabe watchers.

Blondies is sort of an in-the-biz place where outsiders are looked at with suspicion. It's one of the reasons that the Beach is what it is; and one of the reasons that building big expensive condos nearby isn't going to change things anytime soon.

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This place is dirty and disgusting. It's really too bad the condo thing fell through because it would have given the opportunity to shut down this place and move on to bigger and better things. It's sad this place is still in operation to this day with it's filthy ways and it's also a drug haven for anyone to buy drugs there. If anyone says this can't happen then they are wrong. It seems the police are turning the other cheek about this and this place needs to be shut down asap. It's always had a bad reputation but it gets worse and worse all the time.

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