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Dec 31st, 2018

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

1 Seminole Way
Hollywood FL, 33144
(866) 502-7529
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Parking: Garage, Private Lot


Full in-house Casino
Convenient to Fort Lauderdale and Miami
Free Parking Everywhere


Smoking Permitted Everywhere
Out of the Way Location
All non-hotel restaurants and clubs are Closed for Renovation
No on-site Night Life except Hotel Lounges during Construction

Latest News. They're building a 2nd Hotel on the site that was previous Paradise, so what was Paradise is now a construction zone which will be closed for more than a year. All of the premium restaurants and clubs from Paradise are closed, so only venues inside the main hotel are available currently.

The new hotel is right on route 441.

For all intents and purposes, the Hard Rock Hotel is a standalone resort. It's about 1/2 hour from Miami and 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, but it's the kind of place where you just stay there. They have the biggest and best casino in South Florida, and the adjacent Seminole Paradise has restaurants, clubs and even a Hooters.

Room prices vary in the same way they do in Las Vegas; if there's an event at the hotel the prices will go way up.

If you're going to be visiting the area and you like to gamble, you might consider just getting a room for one night.

The construction in the hotel is finished, but now they're going to tear up the dining and entertainment complex next door, so you're dining and partying choices are much less than a few years ago.

The Casino

The main point of the complex is the Casino; it's how they make their money and it's the main reason to come here. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the stench; Smoking is allowed everywhere in the complex. The reservation has different laws that the rest of the state.

The did remodel the lounge by the front desk, and it's a lot nicer than it was before.

The Pool

Hollywood Hard Rock has the best pool north of Miami.



Kuro is the newest addition to Hollywood Hard Rock, a multi-million dollar japanese restaurants. I think they thing it might attract rich Japanese gamblers, but the Japanese might laugh at it. Plus Vegas is a LOT closer to Japan than South Florida.

The sell Wagyu Beef and Sushi by the slice. Bring your wallet.

Council Oak

Morton's prices but no as good as Morton's, this place is for high rollers and other people with more money than brains.

Hard Rock Cafe

Every Hard Rock has a Hard Rock Cafe; a cool place to get a $16 hamburger.

Food Court

Other than Hooters, the Food Court is the only place to get reasonably priced food. There's a Deli that's better than the other choices.


Bol is an overpriced "chinese" restaurant in the Casino.

Blue Plate

Blue Plate is the only place to get breakfast in the complex; it's a diner with dineresque food and service.

Constant Grind

If you're just looking for a muffin and/or some coffee, they have a nice coffee counter located right next to Blue Plate.


One of the big pulls of this place 5 years ago was the entertainment complex next door; restaurants and clubs that assured that the Hollywood Hard Rock was a self-contained property that you didn't need to leave for your entire stay; even if you were staying a week. But that has changed. The Seminoles have announced that they'll be tearing down the complex and building a second hotel.

In the meantime, the place is a ghost town. The man made lake, once surrounded by "waterfront" dining venues, is now just fenced off waiting for the construction to begin.

Retail shops are mostly gone; the restaurants have been given notice that they'll have to close.

While the existing venues will remain open for now, with the reduced foot traffic they may be closing up sooner than later. In the summer things are slow anyway; you wonder if they'll be able to survive much longer.

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The new hotel is opening October 24th

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