Jun 13th, 2018
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Jun 11th, 2018


1101 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 567-9687
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Hours: Open 24 hours
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Entree Prices: Moderate
Outdoor: No
Reservations: No


Open 24 Hours
Breakfast All Day


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Critic's Review

It's official. The International House of Pancakes has changed their name to International House of Burgers. With dopey millenials forking up $16-18 for ground beef, the switch to burgers was too compelling to resist.

Cheeseburger Fries and a 16oz drink: $6.99.

Of course they sold burgers before, so this is just a "temporary" PR stunt.

Review 12/3/14

I wasn't going out to eat today, but as I was driving home I decided to stop into IHOP for a late breakfast. I hadn't been to this location in 4 years; not that I expected much to change.

There's always a couple of people in IHOP or Denny's, no matter what time of day. The place is virtually the same as it was; lots of booths and more diner-like than the past couple of diners I've been to.

They give you a pot of coffee, which avoids the constant topping off of the mini-cup. It's pretty bad coffee, but I have to have coffee with eggs.

I don't recall if they had the syrup setup last time; I'm not a big pancakes guy but you certainly have some choices if you get them here.

I usually don't order omelets, but I noticed a "Chorizo Fiesta Omelet", which seemed interesting. The description on the menu was as follows:

A spicy chorizo omelette topped with citrus chili sauce, served with a fresh grilled serrano pepper

The picture on the menu looked pretty good. My server, who did a good job of keeping an eye on me, didn't know which omelet I was referring to. "Oh, the Spicy Omelete". I guess that's what they call it. I ordered it with hash browns, which are really good at IHOP.

They play 50s music here; The Drifters and The Tune Weavers with Boogie Woogie Christmas mixed in. When the omelet came out, my heart sank a bit. First of all, it smelled terrible. Before I put a fork to it, I was wondering if I'd be able to eat it at all. Notice in the menu picture the sauce is red; this was brown. Stinky brown.

The hash browns looked just about perfect, so at least I had that. I wouldn't starve.

The sauce was, in fact, awful. But the sausage itself was rather benign; nothing spicy about it but it wasn't bad, and with eggs and cheese an onions I was able to salvage some food.

The Serrano pepper, which was supposed to be "freshly grilled", was raw. I cut it in half to verify it was raw. The rough cut of the sausage was odd; like they tore up a sausage patty and threw it on. A couple of pieces of pepper; if they took some care to make this and left off the sauce, this could have been good.

My fault for ordering something complicated in a place with a minimum wage cook.


Back in the day IHOP was a treat, but it's grown into a tired chain; same story as Denny's. Don't order anything complicated and you'll be fine.

Review 11/19/10

I hadn't been to an iHop in ages. But I figured a lot of people on vacation look for iHops. So there I was.

This place has a strange feel to it; it smells like maple syrup. It was mid afternoon so it was pretty empty. I suppose its not a bad looking place, but the syrup smell irked me a bit.

The menu wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped. I have a policy about not ordering things that don't even look good in the pictures, so my choices were limited. I wasn't all that hungry, and the sausages in the picture looks nice and plump, so I just went with a quickie breakfast. The coffee here is terrible; they do put a pot on the table so you don't have to worry about an empty cup, but after the cubano coffee I had yesterday this was just junk. Finally the food was served.

The sausages were a lot smaller than in the picture. The hash browns were pretty good; much better than the version I had at Ocean's the other day. The food was pretty good over all.

Service, however, was bad. I purposely put my empty creamers and empty sugar packets as the service end of the table; the server never made any attempt to clear the table. Its just basic service to do that. It's iHop, so I guess I just expected too much.

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Turns out the IHOb thing was a stunt; a stunt that didn't go well.
Their hamburgers aren't selling like hotcakes :-)

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