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Publix has become a store where I only buy items on BOGO; their regular prices simply aren't competitive with other choices. 10 years ago, Publix was the only game in town. Winn Dixie was a dump and it was the only other supermarket. Since then, Fresh Market has opened and Walmart has opened on Broward Blvd.

On my most recent visit I discovered that they even raised the price of water, because water is very expensive.

$2.00 to fill a 5 gallon bottle. It's $1.25 at Home Depot a couple of blocks away.

Reason #314 not to shop at Publix.

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Free $6 cold brew yesterday. One of the only good things left about Publix; if it rings up higher than the price it should be at the register, it's Free.
The lady in front of me, a 60ish black women, was buying raspberries and blackberries, one of those expensive small bottles of flavored vinegar, the premium garlic that comes in the little sleeves. Nothing on sale. I was thinking "she must have an EBT card". Of course I was right.
What did the race have to play in this? All races do this! At least it was not alcohol, cigarettes or junk food.
Young people do it to. However in this case, it was a 60ish Black woman. If I see a 30ish White Male doing something similar, that's how I'll describe him.

People who spend their lives looking for things that aren't there are more a part of the problem than the solution.

And try to grasp the point. They get so much on their EBT card that they're buying premium products while working families are buying the store brand and what's on sale. It's ridiculous. I wouldn't even buy a $5 bottle of vinegar.
Publix is ticking me off lately. They didn't have eggstirs for a while (their private branded Egg Beaters), and now they're charging $5.19 for a quart, which is almost as much as Egg Beaters. They also didn't have the Jumbo Eggland eggs and it was $5.09 for a cauliflower. The last rotisserie chicken I got here was terrible. And I HATE that they ask every single customer to donate every time you check out.

I'm going to Fresh Market more and more.
I picked up some Boar's head corned beef, and it doesn't even taste like corned beef. Their pastrami is junk also. I'm done with Boar's head.

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