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Sep 18th, 2018

Trata Greek Taverna

1103 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
(954) 712-8933
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Hours: 11am-11pm, 7 days
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Street Metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Entree Prices: Moderate
Outdoor: Yes
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No
Happy Hour: 5pm-7pm 2 for 1 drinks, 1/2 price appetizers

Critic's Review

I hadn't been to Trata since just after they opened in 2010, so I thought I'd try again. Their lunch menu isn't very appealing; I'm not going to a Greek restaurant on Las Olas for a Gyro with fries. I figured I'd just grab an appetizer.

In early September it could be 98 in Fort Lauderdale, but today it was 84 in the late afternoon and no-one else on the patio, so I grabbed a table there. I ordered an iced tea
and the "charbroiled" octopus appetizer.

This is the end of Las Olas; not quite as nice as down by Mangos, but still a nice view on a cloudy but calm afternoon.

They play authentic Greek music (think George Dalaras' "I Agia Methi"). They gave me two slivers of lemon instead of one.

I waited for a while for the food, maybe 10 minutes. I was surprised to get some bread and hummus also; it would have been nice to have the bread while I was waiting.

The hummus was excellent; the bread though was too crusty and sliced too thin. Pita would have been better I think. The octopus was a decent portion for $12.95; a price that hasn't changed since they opened. It's served with a very light EVOO dressing with "oven-dried" oregano; tasty with a squeeze of lemon.

The problem was that the octopus wasn't freshly prepared; it was only luke warm and not freshly charred. Of course octopus is only tender directly off the grill, so it was tougher than it should have been. There was good olive oil on the table; it wasn't terrible, but I wish places wouldn't serve dishes if they're not going to prepare them properly. If this is the normal way they serve it; I'd avoid it. There's no point in serving charred octopus if it isn't freshly cooked.

Review 5/5/10

If you've been waiting for a new Restaurant on Las Olas that isn't Italian, French or a steakhouse, your wait is over. The best Greek food on the beach has opened a chic new restaurant in the space previously occupied by Teal Bistro Americana. Teal's demise is owner-chef Jimmy `The Greek'' Tsiakanikas' gain. Teals somewhat gaudy decor mostly remains, with a few pictures of greece replacing the previous artwork the only obvious change. Tsiakanikas is no stranger to running a full scale restaurant, as he's a former partner in Taverna Opa and also owns the highly acclaimed Mythos Greek Taverna in Coral Springs. While Mythos refers to the word "Myth", Trata is a greek dance. So we expect Trata to be a lot of fun.

Their lunch menu is similar to the offerings at their old Greek Express location on Fort Lauderdale Beach (which they've since sold), with salads, Gyros and Pitas dominating the menu. Sandwiches are served with fries, so you'll pay a bit more here ($9.50). I sampled a lamb mini kabob pita which was stuffed with ripe tomatoes, lettuce, just the right amount of onions and delicious charbroiled lamb chunks. Served with Tzatziki, it just couldn't be better. If you could get it without the fries it would be perfect.

Their extensive dinner menu sports 18 appetizers, half cold and half hot, which can serve as tapas that can be ordered late afternoon, happy hour or late night. Mussels, greek-style chicken wings, Olives, Shrimp, and fresh and breaded calimari are among the choices. The menu includes Saganaki (shrimp, scallops, mussels or feta cheese prepared in a small pan), and 9 seafood entrees and 9 meat entries. The menu is so different from anything else on Las Olas, this place is sure to do well as a nice change of pace from Steak and Italian. Craving baby quails with a drizzle of olive oil vinegrette? This is the place.

One Saganaki item, the Garides Saganaki, is billed as "colossus shrimp baked with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh herbs and olive oil".

First of all, there is no such thing as "colossus" shrimp; it can only be assumed that they mean Colossal Shrimp, which are larger than the shrimp here. My feeling is that $14. is way too much for 3 jumbo shrimp in tomato sauce. I also tried the chicken wings, one of the available "bar items" which you can order after hours. For $6.95 you get 5 grilled wings with a lemony sauce.

The wings are fall off the bone tender and very good; its unfortunate that the portion is so small. I would have rather paid $9.95 for a dozen of them. The wings are served with their version of tirokafteri, which, if authentic, is made with Anthotiro or Ricotta cheese and chili peppers; Trata's version, I suspect, is cottage cheese and Srirachi sauce and is wholly uninspiring.

We don't give low ratings for high prices here, but for 3 shrimp and 5 chicken wings and a club soda the bill came to $30 with tip. It seems like a lot for what I got. As good as the food is; I'm not coming in here for appetizers. Its just too expensive.

They have a late night "bar" menu, but if you're looking for a late night souvlaki or Gyro you can forget it. I understand that they don't want to be viewed as a fast food place. But we could really use a little of the Greek Express on Las Olas as well. Also, if there was ever a place that needed a cute chica either as a hostess or bartender; this is the place. They're just not going to get the businessman from the hotels coming in here with Jimmy (an older gentleman) as hostess, a pretty boy bartender and an all-male wait staff.

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I think the folks that owned this also own Greek Spice Grill on Commercial. More of a fast food vibe, but the food is great.
Nooo. These guys used to own Greek Express down at the beach. They sold it to the Russians and they ruined it. I used to make a special trip to get a Gyro there. This place was just too expensive, and then they got really cheap after a while.

Greek Spice is very mediocre; like a pizzeria that sells Gyros and greek salads.
They've been trying to sell this place for years; finally there's a taker. The overpriced Greek food experiment is over.

Trata was so inept they never even had an official facebook page; a place named Fight 19 will open in it's place.
Never Ted
What was the name of this place before it was Trata? I remember Tommy's, but there was something else also.
It was Bistro Las Olas in 2001, then Tommy's Las Olas in 2006. These guys opened in 2010.
Used a Groupon on this last was awesome! The Salmon dish and fish of the day (whole sea bass) was wonderful. Alot of food for the money.
Everything tastes better at 1/2 the price.
I felt a comment was needed here. Star ratings are tricky; while this comes out as a top restaurant on Las Olas, it really isn't that good. The food is pretty good, and it's overall above average, but not a place I ever go. Says more about the blemishes of the other places on the boulevard than anything else.

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