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Nov 27th, 2019

Cielito Lindo Uno

600 S Dixie Hwy W
Pompano Beach FL, 33060
(954) 782-1600
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Hours: M-F 11:30-10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Yes
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No


Good Food
Fasts Service
Fair Prices


Limited Parking
Out of the Way Area
No Privacy

Insider Tips

Stick to the Mexican Choices.

Critic's Review

I didn't intend to go out to lunch today. Some days, I just drive around and sometimes something comes to me. I was heading down that odd stretch of Dixie Highway where it breaks into 2 separate East/West roads, and I passed Cielito Lindo Uno, a place I'd never been. It's Cinco De Mayo, How about some Mexican Food?

They only have a couple of parking spots, but I got one of them and stepped inside. There's a long room with a bunch of tables along the walls; I almost sat down but no matter where I sat I felt like I'd be next to the register or the service area. There were a bunch of people who looked like they might not want to be photographed, so I snarfed an image from their web site.

I decided to sit in the alcove near the entrance, where there was a tiny bit of privacy. It's a nicely decorated restaurant.

Chips and Iced tea come out quickly, I didn't expect them to have lemon so I didn't ask for extra.

Both salsas were lousy today. I didn't need the chips. I ordered the Carne Asada, which is a skirt steak with a cheese enchilada for $11. Can't go wrong with that.

Unexpectedly, chicken soup is included.

Not just broth; chicken and vegetables inside.

Not your usual chicken in the soup, but it was pretty ordinary. I only had a few tastes of the soup.

Festive Mexican music played. My server wished me a Happy Cindo De Mayo at least 3 times. The food came out in 12 minutes.

You always get a plate and a half of food at these restaurants. They have a larger version of these with a bigger steak for $17 at dinner, but this is more than enough food and calories. Particularly with the soup and chips.

A skinny steak but they still managed to cook it medium rare. I would have preferred more refried beans and less cheese, but that's the way it goes. A very satisfying meal for $11.

I went to the bathroom and asked for my check; an iced tea refill was on the table when I got back. They understand the value that customers expect here.


If there is such a thing as a sure thing, it's Cielito Lindo. Stick to the Mexican food though; their "Spanish" choices aren't nearly as good.

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There is actually a big parking lot at the back with room for 20 or so cars. Which I recommend you use. I used to lunch there frequently in the late 90s - been back there twice this year, the place has not changed at all. Back in 1995 I was parked in front, an elderly lady turned the corner in her Volvo and didn't make it and rear ended my Saab. The frame bent, it was a write off! The old lady was OK. The manager from the body shop next door came over and pushed my car into his yard and let me leave it for the insurance guy to come. As far as the restaurant - I always order the Fajitas and the portion is decent - big enough for two unless you are starving. Greasy but tasty.

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