Oct 29th, 2018
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Nov 5th, 2016

Boat Show Rolls into Town

It's that time again. Once a year, the dreaded Boat Show rolls into town filling local venues with cretins. This year, because of all of the construction going on downtown, it's worse that I can ever remember it. Traffic is stop and go throughout the city; parking is non-existent, and you can expect long waits at drawbridges as parades of boats are moved down the new River.

On one word, the boat show is a disaster.

And while you might think that lots of rich people come here to buy boats, be warned that most of the people you'll see in area restaurants are people who WORK the show; not people looking to buy yachts.

Boat People will be everywhere.

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I really enjoy your website and reviews. Unfortunately, you are way off on this topic. The economic impact of the show for our city is tremendous. Those cretins you mention spend money in our town. Stick with restaurant reviews, you do a good job.
Lifestyle is more important than money. We move here so we can enjoy the beach and nightlife. Not to sit in traffic and not be able to get a table in a restaurant for a week.
It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the SAME THING every year. Same Art Shows. Same Boat Parade. Same Boat Show. The Air Show used to be good now it sucks.
Let me clarify. It's a disaster for residents. It's worse this year with all of the detours already in place. The art shows where nobody buys art are great for Las Olas Company tenants too, but they're just an annoyance for everyone else.

We finally get some great weather; perfect for eating outside and enjoying the beach, and we have to lose a week to the boat show.

You're free to only read the restaurant reviews. Nobody is twisting your arm.
Laura G
A perfect day today and I can't go to the beach on Halloween. nuf said.
Eat outside or the beach? What about Hollywood Beach or Pompano Beach. they have great beaches and restaurants to enjoy. Expand outside your silo and enjoy something other than Fort Lauderdale Beach.
Talk about missing the point. Nobody "wants" to go to either of those places.
I’m sure it’s better business for the beggers and panhandlers.

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